MUSIC | 9 + 10 Jun

James Joyce’s ‘Dubliners’ interpreted in song


Main Space

Irish folk music act Hibsen pay homage to James Joyce with performances of their debut album ‘The Stern Task of Living’ under the aegis of the Bloomsday festival.

THEATRE | 13 + 14 Jun

Mojo Mickybo

Bruiser Theatre Company

Main Space

Owen McCafferty’s play Mojo Mickybo is set in Belfast over the summer of 1970. Mojo and his mate Mickybo are two nine-year-old boys from opposing sides of the sectarian divide. They are ‘thick as two small thieves’, playing headers, being mouthy, building huts, and spitting from cinema balconies.

COMEDY | 15 – 17 Jun

Dreamgun Film Reads


Main Space

★★★★★ “Merciless, hilarious. Consistently sharp, rapid-fire funny writing and crackling performances”
– The Irish Times

Dreamgun return to Smock Alley with their ever popular, always hilarious parody comedy show Film Reads! Since 2017, Dreamgun have taken some of our favourite movies, rewritten them and pumped them full of nonsense. A different film every night, performed by unprepared comedians and actors.

Tony Cantwell, Ronan Carey, Stephen Colfer, Finbarr Doyle, Hannah Mamalis, Erin McGathy, Gavin Drea and Edwin Sammon

Thurs 15th: The Matrix
Fri 16th: Jurassic Park
Sat 17th: Titanic

THEATRE | 13 – 17 Jun

A Rare Journey – Nora Joyce’s Odyssey

Cadence Theatre Company Ire

Boys’ School

A Rare Journey – Nora Joyce’s Odyssey is a one woman show which celebrates the life of a remarkable Irish woman, Nora Joyce. Written and performed by Paula Greevy-Lee, this highly entertaining play is filled with music and gives free reign to Nora’s witty and often acerbic commentary on her life and times.

THEATRE | 27 Jun

Edinburgh Preview: Coffee Kid

Síomha McQuinn & Jamie Sykes

Boys’ School

Meet Beanie: the love child of George Clooney and a Nespresso machine.
Step into her life as she struggles to reconnect with her dad while learning what it means to be different in a caffeine-hungry world.

THEATRE | 27 Jun – 1 Jul

Hub Nub!

The Gaiety School of Acting

Main Space

In the culmination of their training with the GSA, the class of 2023 present their final piece, their Graduation Play – Hub Nub!

Written by Roger Gregg and Directed by Tracy Ryan, this production will be the culmination of the students’ two years of intensive actor training. This explosive production is sure to assault your senses, exploring the art of revolution and asking the question just how dedicated one can be to a cause…

Smock Alley Theatre is selling a limited number of tickets for this performace, if you require more please visit the GSA website

THEATRE | 30 Jun + 1 Jul


by S.D. Clifford

Boys’ School

With an imminent execution date, and just under two hours left before life ends, Terry has no time for morbid reflection, wills, anger, or regrets. In a world of AI-generated online execution notifications, complex payment processes and flat-pack coffins from DIKEA, dying will prove to be anything but simple.


The Real Inspector Hound

No Drama Theatre Company

Boys’ School

The Real Inspector Hound is a comedic take on an Agatha Christie style whodunnit, with the added twist of watching this murder
mystery play alongside two critics who seem more interested in discussing their own problems than the events of the play…



Gurnwah and RCT Theatres Productions

Main Space

The last day of anyone’s retirement is usually calm and peaceful, that is unless your name is Victor ‘The Knuckles’ Norman. This is the dark and gritty story, based loosely on true events, of one man’s rise and fall and all the chaos that ensues in-between.

Cabaret | 7 Jul

Here We Are Now

Ben Morris Productions

Main Space

From London to Dublin, this West End duo bring laughter and an irresistible setlist to celebrate their inspirations, career highs and friendship born of a TV contest they’ll never forget.

THEATRE | 10 – 15 Jul

The Father

Out Of Time Theatre

Boys’ School

A moving and unsettling journey through the ravages of dementia, where
everything, and nothing, is as it seems.

THEATRE | 8 – 12 Aug

Seán Moylan, Irish Revolutionary

Blood In The Alley

Boys’ School

One man’s account of key events during the Irish War of Independence. A man who sacrificed, suffered and risked his life for his country. It is a tribute to him and to all who volunteered, many of whom paid the ultimate sacrifice, and to their families who bear it. Written and performed by Michael Patric, (An Cailín Ciúin, Smother, Frontier) and directed by Geoff Gould, the play will take the audience through dramatic events of the period.

THEATRE/COMEDY | 17 – 22 Jul

An Evening with Mere Mortals

Mere Mortals

Boys’ School

A double feature inspired by Hollywood blockbusters!
Moving at lightning speed, An Evening with Mere Mortals delivers a full blown espionage thriller and a badass action romp in just over an hour.

THEATRE | 18 Aug

Predrinks at Laylah’s

Laylah Beattie

Main Space
Predrinks at Laylah’s is a One Woman Show
about the life of a transgender girl in her 20s.

THEATRE | 23 Aug – 2 Sep

The Devil Himself


Main Space

The incredible true story of Lizzie Nutt, whose reputation is shattered when she’s accused of being a seductress, leading to duels, murder, courtroom drama, a media circus – and a scandal that engrossed America.
An incredible true story of sex, scandal and American murder

COMEDY | 6 Sep

The Accidental Activist

Diane O’Connor

Boys’ School

A quick-witted comedy show about a woman trying to find her place in the midst of this mess. The Accidental Activist doesn’t pull any punches but provides a consistent thread of hope and resilience for anyone worried, angry or eager to do more about the climate crisis we’ve been thrown into.

THEATRE | 13 – 18 Nov

The Manny

Sam McArdle

Boys’ School

A dark comedy about an Irish male nanny who works for rich single mums in West London.