MUSIC  | 31 May – 4 June 2022

The Soldier’s Tale

The Fews Ensemble

Main Space 

Igor Stravinsky’s First World War music theatre piece tells the dark Faustian fable of a soldier who makes a trade with the devil on the promise of untold wealth and success… or so he is led to believe.

A unique opportunity to hear one of Ireland’s leading Chamber Music Ensembles bring this masterpiece to life alongside Oscar nominated actor Ciarán Hinds and contemporary dancer Emily Ayers.

THEATRE | 25 – 28 May



Boys’ School

This May Jack of all Trades Productions make their return to the stage with a version of Mark O’Rowe’s classic Terminus, a monologue play of 3 characters who traverse the comically dark grimey streets of Dublin City filled with demons.



Mark Cantan

Boys’ School

Histrionix is a fun-filled comedy show for younger audiences featuring true stories from history and absolute nonsense made up on the spot. This performance will be recorded for a future RTE Jnr Radio series.

THEATRE  | 9 – 24 Jun


The Corn Exchange and Smock Alley Theatre present

Main Space

Directed by Irish Times award-winning director Annie Ryan this new contemporary production, reconfigured from the hugely successful 2012 production for Dublin Theatre Festival, deftly captures the rich humour, the small cruelties and the celebrated epiphanies of Joyce’s iconic stories.


THEATRE  | 14 – 18 June 2022

A Rare Journey – Nora Joyce’s Odyssey

Cadence Theatre Company

Boys’ School

A world premiere of a one woman show which celebrates the life of a remarkable Irish woman, Nora Joyce. The play, which is written and performed by Paula Greevy-Lee, is highly entertaining and filled with music, giving free reign to Nora’s witty and often acerbic commentary on her life and times.

THEATRE | 19 – 31 July


MJS Enterprises. Co-produced with Smock Alley Theatre

Main Space

Written and performed as a rollicking sea yarn, Albatross delivers a profound and relevant message about mindfulness and the effect of our thoughtless actions on all living things.

THEATRE  | 27 + 29 July

King John

Purple Door


What comes to mind when you think of King John? The Magna Carta? Forget it. Shakespeare’s rarely staged tragedy about Britain’s most useless king rediscovers this overlooked gem, relocated to the middle of Thatcher’s Britain amid the miner’s strike that led to a bloody revolution.

THEATRE  | 28 + 30 July

The Two Gentlemen of Verona

Purple Door


The Two Gentlemen of Verona takes you to mid-90’s Liverpool in a riotous production that celebrates the messy, filthy joy of young love. What happens when you fall in love with your best friend’s other half?

THEATRE  | 4 – 16 Jul 2022

I Poured The Tea

Fair Dinkum Theatre!


Boys’ School


A fast-moving comedy of the blame game and the financial crisis.


MUSIC | 15 + 16 July 2022

The Belly of The Earth

Stephen Gardner

Main Space

A musical interpretation of 3 poems by Paula Meehan. The music will be part improvised and experimental.
On ‘Never….Never…..Never….’ ,composed by Stephen Gardner, International Record Review said ‘It must blow you away in a live performance, letting the audience feel the thrill of its visceral power.’

PERFORMED BY Matthew Jacobson, Lauren Kinsella, Shane Latimer, Paula Meehan, Cathal Roche

CABARET | 21 – 23 July 2022

Iron Annie Cabaret

Luke Cassidy

Boys’ School

A unique musical and theatrical interpretation of one of the most ambitious literary debuts of recent years, the Iron Annie Cabaret is coming to the Boys School at Smock Alley this July. Think Thelma and Louise meets Reservoir Dogs meets The Rocky Horror Picture Show meets Fleabag.